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Medical information can be captured from compatible devices or care records left in the home and personalised “check ups” can be interpreted in real time by a remote primary /secondary care facility. Other observations at the time of the visit can easily be added to avoid wasting valuable staff time and patient inconvenience.

Authorised family members or those responsible for the wellbeing of those in care can access records to ensure care plans are being deliverd and that their loved ones are being looked after.

We develop secure “apps” that are linked to individuals allocated a specific device and logged onto it. This is done at the head office and ensures a trusted link between that phone number and the person scheduling the visits.

Using point to point connections is by far the most secure general communication method and works in reverse when the patient data needs to be transferred back. Only the current days' data is held on the phone and locking systems ensure data integrity.



handheld deviceMobile Care and early intervention And Diagnosis

MOCAD is an android based mobile application that is specifically designed to address the needs of social care services that visit clients in their own homes and deliver a wide variety of care needs.

What does MOCAD do?

Designed to integrate community matrons and social workers to optimise journeys and address a variety of long term conditions using Continua Alliance medical devices and the Android mobile phone / tablet platform.

  • Sends planned DAILY visit information to a mobile device for each individual Care Worker
  • Automates existing paper based processes including mileage and timesheet recording
  • Utilises NFC (Near Field Communication) tags to alert the social services that a carer has attended a client
  • Reports by automated SMS message that a visit has been complete
  • Notifies the next client by SMS that the care worker is on their way even sends them a picture ID
  • Creates an optimised journey plan for the care worker between client locations and records that mileage.


Scheduling appointments

Care for the elderly in their own homes

The 'App' securely receives schedule information from the main database and downloads this to an Android mobile device

It allows the Social Care Team to prioritise client visits each day for workload distribution

It logs the arrival and leaving times in the clients home and allows SMS transfer of logged time back to head office

Ensures that visits are not “missed”

Allows the Social Care Team to monitor, manage and automate existing paper based tasks such as mileage and time recording

GPS data navigation

Staff training is minimal due to using standard technology, operating systems and databases most of which are invisible to the end user.

MOCAD Circle of care

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